Sprite Bottle


This last Christmas I got pretty little leather bound sketchbook- and nothing to draw in it. Then, recently during what teachers call midterms but what I call think for thirty minutes then sit , bored for the next hour and a half. Long name but it fits. This year though, i was sitting bored as usual but with one small difference- the new sketchbook. I sat thinking, what if I try my hand at realism? I’ve never been that good in that area but figured with an hour and a half to go i could try something new. I quickly scanned the room for my perfect subject, something with light and shadows that would be recognizable- no matter how bad it was. Then it hit me- my friend’s Sprite bottle. It wouldn’t move too much since she was still working and the light came through the green but less in the drink. Which by the way was not Sprite but cranberry ginger ale- confusing much? But it worked, I started slowly then sped up as I realized I like how this one was turning out!

sprite bottle copy

It’s a little warped because my scanner is on the fritz- again so I had to take a picture, but I wanted to share it with ya’ll asap 🙂

If you like it: Let me know! Also open to suggestions in the comments box!!

Catch ya later!! ~Lili ❤


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