Monthly Archives: February 2013



Today, I have a pen drawing of random branches. I guess it’s winter or something because there are no leaves. This was just something random that popped into my head in Spanish class. I drew it in the top corner of my notes, you know, the little box that’s created when the pink line and the blue line cross. I cut it out with Photoshop becauseĀ  you probably don’t want a copy of my Spanish notes. So here is my latest doodle, I call it Les Arbres De Plume. It’s in French because I prefer French over Spanish any day.

EPSON MFP imageAny comments?, I know it’s blurry, but that’s because it got way bigger when I cut the picture down. So, yea I drew this with a normal ball point pen. If you have any suggestions for pen-drawing, I’d love to hear them in the comment box below!

Catch ya later alligators!

~Lili Heart