*disclaimer: this article is part of a game called Aletheia and is a plant for the players to find, it is not real news*

We here at Iheartartandmore managed to snag an EXCLUSIVE interview with one of Jacksonville’s own alien abductees: Ginger Williams! Ms. Williams has a fascinating story that may turn even the most skeptical reader, into a believer.

Q: Ms. Williams, you believe you were abducted by aliens correct? Can you tell us more about that?

A: Well, dear, on the say in question I’d decided to close up shop a little early, which I never do.

Q: That’s Glow Cloud Accoutrements on the North side of Main St. correct?

A: Yes, my occult shop, I thought it might be nice to stop by the chocolate store, Bella Mia. It was my birthday after all, but when I was about to walk through the door I suddenly felt weightless, then a rush like I was flying through an endless void, and not in a good way. I was catapulted through space, tumbling through stars and galaxies. Everything started out sharp as a picture but it started going fuzzy and distorted until eventually, I could have been looking through a bubble it was that bad. I think the bubble was trying to protect me, it’s aura was very benevolent. But then it popped and dropped me onto the most beautiful, surreal beach. The water looked glassy and mysterious, like nothing of this world. I walked up to it to try and see what lay beyond and felt a presence, like nothing I’d ever encountered, all around me. Whatever it was, it was strong, and it cared that I made it back safely. It warned me not to touch the water and I felt a warmth in my belly, like fire forging something new. I tried to look into the water and saw only a swirling darkness below, like it was made of the universe. Entranced, I reached out anyway and was hurtled back, back through space and all of the galaxies, I was terrified I might hit something for how fast I was going when suddenly I was inside of a spaceship. There were a number of strange gray creatures.

Q: The aliens?

A: Yeah, aliens, they had big bug eyes and weird, scrunched up faces. They operated on me and for some reason I couldn’t move. They poked and prodded my stomach like an experiment, this went on for ages. I heard about that new thing doctor’s can do to where they use like, bone marrow or something to get someone pregnant by themself and that’s like, totally what they did to me.

Q: So the aliens impregnated you?

A: Yes, and I’m going to keep it and care for my alien baby.

Q: So when is he/she due?

A: Well, we don’t know the gestation period of an alien baby, it could be months or even years, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Q: What do your doctors think of this?

A: No more questions please, I have to get back to the shop.

You heard it here first folks, that’s right, an alien baby may very well be heading for Jacksonville… eventually.


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